Love, Imperfectly

I’m coming out of the coffin: I’m a Twilight mom. I haven’t joined the popular website ( yet but I’ve read the books twice and seen the first movie several times (I will not admit to how many). The story speaks to me. It cheers me up. It moves me. It reconciles me with the world. Edward’s love for Bella is magical and pure; her love for him is compelling and unconditional.

I’ve always been a sucker (pun intended) for a great love story. I devoured “The Notebook” and “The Thorn Birds”.  I am a fan of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and Alexandre Dumas.  I even read “Gone with the Wind” when I was 14. The Civil War drama was rich and layered but the romance did not satisfy: Scarlett’s naïve adoration of Ashley did not touch me and the ending drove me crazy with frustration. Hundreds of pages to come full circle: one character loves, the other one doesn’t. May Margaret Mitchell –rest her soul- forgive me this sacrilege: my teen heart beats with Stephanie Meyer’s saga. Team Edward, team Jacob, or even team Bella, the characters hit a home run the second my reading glasses are settled on the tip of my nose.

I saw “New Moon” this weekend with my daughter, my nieces- and sister-in-law. We grieved with Bella when Edward left and we hurt with Jacob when Edward returned. The author has admitted to begging Edward not to go when he first revealed his plans. We’re grateful that she let him have his way. It brings the story home: Edward’s perfect love is imperfect after all. It rings of absence, longing, and wrong decisions. It’s real. It bleeds.  Bella is mortal and flawed yet it is the power of her love that ultimately saves Edward’s life. Her scarred human heart brings him back to safety. No wonder he’s so reluctant to halt its soul saving rhythm.

The epic of love and suffering started long ago when man first discovered the depth of his own heart. ‘New Moon’ talks to each one of us lost in the labyrinth of our pain and desires and offers a way out: it encourages us to travel the many paths of love’s shortcomings while embracing the redeeming power held in the mystery of our immortal soul. The ‘Twilight’ saga is smash hit because, like all timeless stories, it reminds us of what love truly is: hesitant, insecure; glorious, exhilarating; raw, excruciating; true, forgiving. Eternal. Victorious.  It is a source of unparallel joy and bitter disappointment. It makes us feel; it gives us life. Bella’s and Edward’s love conquers all, not because it is young and untried but because it’s imperfect and enduring. They travel the bumpy road so familiar to all human beings and they do not let us down; they come full circle, hand in hand, heart to heart.

This mother’s a Twilight mom forever.


7 thoughts on “Love, Imperfectly

  1. I read all 4 books over the course of a few weeks when my daughter, then 10, had borrowed Twilight from a friend. I’d started reading them because I want to know what my child reads. I remember when I was young my mother let me read whatever I wanted, and then was horrified when I turned out to be so different than she, politically and socially.
    But I digress.

    By the time my daughter started New Moon she had turned 11 and I had finished them. I found them extremely well written (as is your review!) so even though I found the obsessive quality a bit intense for a girl so young to read, I knew what was coming. I found them hypnotic and satisfying.

    My daughter surprised me. A quarter into New Moon she put it down and announced “this girl needs to get a life!” and she stopped reading it. She could not identify with Bella’s inability to “withdraw” from Edward. I recognize this shows a healthy self-esteem.

    Of course, Bella does grow to be immensely powerful through her love of Edward… but at the beginning of New Moon, the reader does not know that outcome.

    Now she’s 12 and still shows no interest in picking up where she left off. She is a voracious reader, so it’s not that she finds the books too large. It is clearly the content. At this point, I am not complaining that her main obsession seems to be in academic achievement.

    But a small part of me envies moms who enjoy that “girl pleasure” with their daughters.

    I’m not in a hurry to have her grow into an awareness of the magic of insular love; although I suppose it is possible that she might be hardwired otherwise.

    But I’ll hold the thought that someday we’ll sit on the couch munching popcorn and share knowing glances when watching Colin Firth in “Pride & Prejudice”.

  2. wendy ordway

    I had heard of the Twilight books while living in California near my daughter who is 27. A woman in her 40’s with a 20 year old daughter had them because of her daughter recommending them. I loved Anne Rice’s books and the movie, Interview with a Vampire was great to see a few times. So I do love a good vampire tale and one with romance that is satisfying sounds wonderful! I too loved romance novels in my youth including Gone With the Wind but I agree that Scarlett was hard to love and cheer for at times. I have really enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies also Lord of the Rings and my daughter and I have shared those magical stories which has helped her to learn how to read for fun.
    After reading your blog Maryse I plan to start reading the books and maybe see the movie after. I will talk to Emily about them when I see her in Dec. We are spending Christmas togther in Montreal!
    Happy Dec.
    keep writing you have a gift!

  3. Jodi Sloane

    Your thoughts on this are so nice to read. I resisted reading the Twilight series for a very long time and then a month ago a friend dropped off the first book–and next thing I knew I read them in all in four days. I couldn’t put them down. They were thrilling and completely enraptured me! I have seen the first movie but have yet to go out for New Moon. I wanted the “fever” this series induced to die down a bit first!

    Great blog, I like your writing voice!! Jodi

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! And the Twilight obsession – I’m there. I began reading the books about a year or so ago and the ladies in my office thought I’d lost it when I went into convulsions about the first movie coming out. Now? These same naysayers have read the entire series not once, twice – but THREE times! They bought tickets to Bella’s Ball – an event prior to the New Moon release here in Chicago. That was a bit overboard. But I was in theaters on opening night. I’d love to read the books again…it’s just that my “to read” pile is obscene : )

  5. I Love Twilight BR

    You perfectly described my feelings about the Twilight Saga. Congratulations!

    I’m a Brazilian Twimom and have a very intense relationship with books, movies, more intense than that of my daughter with this.

    Thank you

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