A journey of many colors (end)

The house is too small. When they first moved in she needed to walk from one room to the other to fully soak up the space around her. The walls were white and bare. The few pieces of furniture brought over from their small apartment could not keep the place from feeling empty, like a big oyster shell feeling lost without its pearl to fill it. That’s what they did. They allowed the pearls of their love to grow, spread, and run loose. Over the years they’ve turned into matches trying to make the most of too tight a box. So the decision is made: it is time to expand the house, to remodel the living room, build a new kitchen, and add one or two bedrooms. Plans are made, permits are granted, money is secured.  She makes phone calls, juggles family life and building issues. She somehow manages to keep everyone clean and fed in the middle of chaos and dust overload; she forgets to wear the green apron and stains are happily showing on her clothes. The sweetest discovery is yet to come: the thrill of playing with paints and fabrics to redecorate the rooms, the simple pleasure of letting her imagination draw the pictures, set the pace. Her inner artist catches the drift, opens a hungry eye…two ravenous eyes, and jumps into action. Will it be lavender blue, turquoise, or indigo? Leather or wool? A happy dance of colors and textures inviting her back into a world where everything is allowed, where she can roam free and unchecked. This time she does not miss the boat. She bravely sets sail. The housewarming party is a success; she has it catered which gives her time to experiment with eyeliner, blush, and mascara. She goes to greet her guests and does not even notice that she’s humming…

The End



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