Midlife Musings on “D”

I desire to be more than I’ve ever been,

to visit lands so far undiscovered, unseen.

I want to climb the mountain of my own ambition,

heart focused on my steps, eyes on the horizon.


I made a deal with myself, a promise I will keep,

while restless in the shadows, unable to sleep:

I must break the pattern of dreams unrealized

of longings unrevealed, stories unauthorized.


I must dare look at my body in the mirror

and reaffirm that I’m both warrior and victor.

In a world encaged in fear and worries

I must choose the language of witches and fairies.


God’s destiny for me: I hear its sweet sound

when the useless chatter recedes in the background.

It keeps me anchored against doubts and regrets;

it prods me gently on my trek to Mount Everest.


I’m determined to embrace all that I am,

was, and will become. From the road I travel will stem

the artist who’s beginning to rise, and who, timidly,

is writing the first syllables of what makes her happy.


She deserves the chance to grow and blossom

into her own creation, a whole new person.

Together we gently weave the threads

of a woman  fulfilled, of a promise well kept.


I pledge to never abandon my yearning to discover

the secret corners of my soul that want to recover

from past misunderstandings, all that went wrong,

and hum tomorrow’s unbridled, and joyous song.



5 thoughts on “Midlife Musings on “D”

  1. wendy

    Beautiful! thanks for your words! I especially love, “in a world encaged in fears and worries I must choose the language of the witches and fairies” and
    ” from the road I travel will stem the artist whose beginning to rise”
    I haver been reading the Artist’s Way and haver started doing collages!!
    Happy 2010!

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