I wrote this in the fall of 2007 when I first discovered that I could play with words in English, my second language. I’ve been following the dream. Please do not let go of your own.

Words are obscuring my vision;

they’re screaming for attention.

Words of advice, of comfort, of love;

tales of sadness, of pain, of doubt.


Who am I to claim the power 

to create, to charm, to conjure,

feelings of wonder, of grace, of bliss;

tears of chagrin, of loss or distress?


 Words are flowing from nowhere. 

They obviously don’t want to care

that I’m new to the language of the heart.

On paper, it’s a brand new start.


 “Trust”, they implore,” listen to your dreams.

They are true even when it seems

that the road is too long and hazardous.

It’s an illusion. This is your purpose.


 So grab the pen and inspiration will flow.

It can strike any time. You just don’t know.

Be ready and let the writing be written,

Accept the gift; the rest of your life’s begun.”


 Copyright © Maryse G Copans – January 2010



9 thoughts on “Words

  1. Hi Maryse – I so like how you embody words with such power here, like they have control and must come out. It often feels like that to me too, and I never quite know what they will want to do. I didn’t know until recently that English was your second language. I think that knowledge you have of two languages gives your words a very unique kind of poetry.

  2. Oh Maryse, this is WONDERFUL! You have not only an awesome command of the English language, but the heart and soul of a true poet. I’ve often felt that our words fall short of expressing what we are really feeling but this poem is powerful! Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m in awe!

  3. Ah, Maryse! You have the soul of a poet, and I salute your love affair with words. The way you illustrate the life of words flowing from your heart, through the pen, to the paper is just delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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