Don’t you love that moment when you know you’ve been taken for a ride but are not exactly sure how it happened? Or at least, don’t you love it when it happens to somebody else? My husband complains that I throw things out too often and too fast. According to him I’m a compulsive ‘binner’ (from the British word ‘bin’ meaning ‘garbage can’). The temptation was hard to resist when, one day, as we were both in the kitchen, he started slicing some cheese for his sandwich. I’m talking about hard-crusted, aged Gouda cheese. Four golden and luscious slices of expensive cheese, lying there, on the cutting board. He turned around to take his bagel out of the toaster oven. That was my window of opportunity. I moved fast and hid the cheese under a plastic container. He reached out to the counter to pick up the four slices, his plate in his right hand. I could tell that in his mind he was already enjoying the rich and sharp taste of the cheese. His private trip into dairy heaven came to an abrupt end when he noticed that his pieces had gone missing. There was nothing there; just a few crumbs, that was all.

“What happened to the slices I just cut?” he said.

“Those were slices? They looked like crust to me; I just threw them away”, I delivered with as straight a face as I could manage.

“No, tell me you didn’t; it’s just not possible. Geez, two seconds, I turn around for two seconds and they’re gone?” his voice was a pitch higher; his anger, tangible. He was mad. Really, really mad. It was no laughing matter: some extra sharp, delectable Gouda imported from Holland had found its way into our trash.

I met his eyes. It must have been the hint of a smile on my lips that gave me away. And there it was, good enough to eat: THE MOMENT! The split second of recognition in his eyes. He was starting to understand that I had just played a joke on him but he was still not quite sure what to make of it. After all, the slices of cheese were still missing. And re-appear they did, four pieces miraculously recovered by a devoted wife. I was dying with laughter and he was doing his best to try and remain upset. “Gotcha!”

What’s your special and funny moment? Make me laugh! 🙂

Copyright © Maryse G. Copans – January 2010



11 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Deborah Guerin

    Delightful — made me laugh out loud. Thx for sharing this glimpse into your caring and humerous soul, and your sweet relationship with your husband.

  2. Oh, you made me laugh too, Maryse! You took me right to that moment. So vivid. And yes, I do this with my hubby too. I think it’s in my genes. My grandfather was a notorious prankster. When I was a very small child and we had our first dishwasher, he was puttering in the kitchen loading it while the rest of the family relaxed in the living room. Out he came and said to my mom, “Betty, I think there’s something wrong with your new dishwasher.” Such immediate concern on her face! Runs to the kitchen, opens it, and is startled when our cat jumps out (don’t worry, it wasn’t on and the cat was in there for less than a minute). Laughter all around. I will never forget this “gotcha.” A bit of family lore. I have a slew of my own but this is the one that wanted to be remembered today.

  3. i think you and i are on the same wavelength 😆 and i think my husband lost his sense of humour which is why he made me his ex-wife 😦

    if he left the dinner table during a meal i used to remove his plate and pretend like i thought he’d finished, but the best one was my aversion to television in the bedroom; he’d watch tv in bed then be all over me during the ads; one day i hid it – made him play hot and cold till he found it – actually he didn’t lose his sense of humour, he never had one!!!!!

    a man with a sense of humour is one to treasured – love and laughter make great bedfellows 😉

  4. Several years ago I was driving my husband about town and we’d had an exhausting day. Oftentimes when we were well rested, I would ask my husband, “Do you want to go to the gym and work out?” Usually he’d answer, “Are you crazy?” It went on like this; with him wasting his membership dues because he never felt like going. So, on this day, I asked the same question as we were driving past the gym. “Do you want to go to the gym?” Of course, we didn’t have any gear in the car; I was joking. He took me dead serious and answered, “Are you crazy?” I changed lanes as if I was going to turn in. He lost his temper and started espousing excuses and whining. I had a great time teasing him and when he realized I was joking he laughed, as he knew I had a “gotcha” moment.

  5. Hi Maryse! How delightful! Yes Yes Yes I love when you have a really good Gotcha! Hubs and I laugh and have such fun all the time I can’t even think of a good example of one of ours – but trust me, we do get each other all the time!

  6. Oh I LOVED that one, it made me giggle! I was just imagining it all in your kitchen :))))

    Post more like this, it was great!!!

    Sorry it took me a bit to get to, I read it on my iGoogle now 🙂

    love Lisa

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