Unerring. Excited.

Never entered that place before.

A step and then another.

Positively fine. No danger behind the door.

On these new grounds, we feel

Lavishly proud.

Off to take a new stand, we get bold.

Gone the people pleasers;

Erased the guilt and doubts.

Too bad for those who don’t get it.

Imperfect life; full of mystery and beauty.

Cycles; highs and lows;

All blend into a masterpiece of feelings.

Landing into our own minds and souls.

Letting everyone know that we say



Hide no more.

Announce it clear and loud.

Perfect’s not necessary;

Polished is obsolete.

Youthful and brave, we dare to be:




Are you ready to take the dare or do you have another one for me?

2010 © Maryse G. Copans



18 thoughts on “I DARE YOU TO BE…

  1. I love it! My 2 favorites are: “polished is obsolete” and “perfect’s not necessary”. I could put a picture to this one, and we could make a poster. hehe. I got my new Nikon lens today! So I am definitely unapologetically happy. Have a great day maryse.

  2. Wow. Beautiful. I’m unapologetically happy–think it’s just part of who I am. Life is for us to share and enjoy, to live fully, and to allow others access through us. So, shine on:)

  3. Creative..inspiring…touching…fun…are just a few of the words that come to mind when reading this delightful post!! Thanks Maryse for the smile you put on my face!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  4. Hi Maryse,

    It’s really nice. Especially I love the last part.’ Being perfect is not necessary. We dare to be youthful and brave’. Inspiring !
    Thanks a lot ! Have a nice day !

  5. Hi Maryse!

    I love the idea of not only being happy…but being “unapologetically” happy! Brilliant!

    Now that I think about it…this is the exact work that I do with my clients–helping them get clear on who they are and what they want, and then confidently exclaiming it to the world with no “should’s” or “rules” attached.

    Thanks for the uplifting reminder today. 🙂


  6. Maryse,
    What a gift you have for this! And you picked one of my fave topics, living without apologies. I took this one on myself a few years ago–that I wanted to live without apology any more. It has been the quite the ride of self-awareness and self-acceptance. I love that you are walking this road too….

    May you be loving life today.

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