A Pause

Dear Friends,

Due to unexpected new head trouble linked to an old brain injury I’m forced to take a break from writing/posting on this blog. I do hope it will be brief.

In the meantime please feel free to roam the site: there’s much to read and ponder.

Thank you for all your kindness and support.

Stay in love with life,



22 thoughts on “A Pause

  1. Sending you lots of Angel Blessings and prayers for your quick recovery! Asking the Archangel Raphael sooth you and heal you with his divine green healing light and that you are surrounded by angels at all times.

    with much love, Lisa

  2. gail kellstrom

    Dear Maryse, so sorry about your head. please get better soon, and all your fans will be waiting for your return…….. there is much love for you

  3. Please rest, in peace, while your body heals. Remember to tell it how much you love it, and how grateful you are for the miracle of it.

    Like everyone else, I’ll be eagerly awaiting for your return to fabulous health and energy! Much love coming your way.

  4. Oh Maryse! I’ve been working so much the last few days that I’ve been completely out of touch… So here I am checking on you and your blog… I’m very saddened to hear that your head injury is giving you trouble.
    Take very good care, rest well and find something to be grateful for and to take pleasure in everyday… even if it is the tinniest of thing.
    Know that you are in my heart and my thoughts… I miss you very much and hope your recovery will be very quick, so that we can all enjoy your beautiful spirit again very soon!
    All my love and warm hugs dear Maryse!

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