A Fresh Look

And here we are again…

The last two months have been difficult. Much brain fog and sleep. I’ve kept my sanity by playing a word game on Twitter: Artwiculate. There I’ve found a warm community of word lovers. My muse has been able to sing whenever she had an ounce of energy. I’m forever grateful for it.

I will post here when I can. I will respond to your comments and visit your blogs whenever possible. This is not a race to glory. It’s a place where I share my soul’s wanderings.

It’s good to be back. I hope you’re all well and pursuing your dreams.

Here’s an Artwiculate tweet I wrote today (the word of the day is ‘effluvium’):

Shreds of a future I dreamed of / Effluvium of a past once held dear / this moment is all I have.

Stay in love with life!



8 thoughts on “A Fresh Look

  1. Hi my dear Maryse! Welcome back to the blogosphere – and I am sure much else! I do hope this post means recovery is at hand! Have thought of you often and sent healing vibes/prayers your way many, many times!

    Big hugs,

  2. Hi Maryse,

    Keep honoring your body and your natural rhythm ~ whatever it takes to heal and find joy in your life! Twitter is a great way to stay connected at whatever pace feels comfortable 🙂 I must admit, I was so happy to see that you posted when it came through my email. Take it slow…one day at a time…and know we LOVE YOU!!


  3. Hey, good to see you back here, Maryse! I missed your flowing words and your lovely presence. I’ve wondered about you many times over the past few months, so it’s nice to have some punctuation to follow all that wondering. Take good care.

  4. Yay, Maryse! I’m so glad you’re back! And sorry I’ve not been here sooner, I was in Nashville for nearly two weeks with no time for anything. But this is the best news I’ve had since I returned. Very happy for you.

  5. Hello Maryse! So good to see you back sharing words and thoughts with us. We just got home from a trip which is why I’m a bit late in responding…. I like the new look website too.

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