The Road

  • This poem is inspired by Dr Seuss’  wise rhymes…

A road with no end in sight,

A journey that spans a lifetime, and beyond.

So many tempted to withdraw.

So few willing to let go. Our choice.


It takes courage and strength to initiate the change.

The victim in us remains eager to blame.

Who wants to turn inward and travel in the dark?

No map, no destination, just the need to embark

on a quest to a brighter outlook, a deeper awareness.

It is quite a challenge; no wonder we’re restless!

And yet, as we advance, often weary and blue,

Burdened by our losses and fears, our lives start anew.

The promise of the future keeps us taking steps

toward a light that flickers, a sense of progress.

When we’re ready to accept that we are not alone,

mountains start moving to give us what we want.

We regain our power to connect and create,

we set priorities; our passion cannot wait.

Out in the sun, at last, one thing’s for certain:

traveling is fun when guided by intuition.

And so we set out again, armed with hope and delight,

to pursue this journey to reclaim our birthright.


A road with no end in sight

A path that twists and winds: take it.

It’s got treasures to teach and

the reward is a life well lived. Take flight!


8 thoughts on “The Road

  1. Gladys

    “The promise of the future keeps us taking steps toward a light that flickers, a sense of progress.”

    There is another light – a pilot light within that flickers but does not go out.

    A lovely poem this!


  2. This is such a beautiful poem. (It is my belief that no one travels the road alone.)

    I am happy to see you back at this place. I’ve missed your writings. I hope you are feeling better and I am sending you the best of wishes.

    Diana Maria

  3. Hi Maryse! Beautiful poem – indeed spread our wings and take flight! We don’t always have to know exactly where we are going either. I think that’s why some are afraid to fly.

    1. Fear is the main reason we stay back, absolutely. The unknown is scary and sometimes difficult but, in the long run, it makes dreams come true. the only way to go, really.
      thanks for your comment, my dear SuZen!

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