I would trade it for a world

where darkness shines upon the stars;

where storms repair the bluff of broken hearts,

and lightning strikes the dragon of unspoken fears.


I would trade it all for a space

where death becomes one with the tremor of each new birth;

where pain marries the laughter of fresh beginnings,

and tears abate the inner fires of hell.


I would trade it for a country

where the impassable peaks melt their fiercest glaciers;

where forgotten caves reveal the murals of yester night,

and the longest tunnels bridge the gap between despair and hope.


I would trade it all for a world

where love is the prequel to a Book for the Living,

and where gentleness is the crown to a majesty of soul beings.


I would.

Were it not my world.




Maryse G. Copans © 2010


13 thoughts on “WOULD I…?

  1. Oh Maryse, what a beautiful expression of your ‘knowing’. What awesome to find these words to express that inner indigenous wisdom.
    I absolutely am taken by these last words “I would. Were it not my world. Already.”
    Oh Maryse, to speak these words, that speaks of you courage and persistence and honesty. Much love for these gifted words, xox Wilma

  2. You sly one, Maryse! You remind us again that we create the world we live in, not the other way around. But you keep us dangling until the very end. And then we remember, yes, that is so true. And of course you do it so beautifully, we can’t help but get caught in the flow. Lovely!

  3. Maryse,
    It *is* my world…our world…and I’m glad you are so completely Aware..It is our hearts that “Know” all that our minds cannot comprehend..Thank you for sharing your heart so generously through your Vision expressed so beautifully in your words…

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