Moving on

Embrace a vision of the future that allows you to be who you truly are.

Let today’s heaviness and pain rock you into acceptance.

Life whispers, “You’re a beautiful child, dear to my heart.

Seek to trust this mysterious and eternally shifting dance.”


Find comfort in the caring embrace of the ones you love.

Let the silence bring forth your deepest fears, your buried longings.

From the stillness will grow the blessings you feel undeserving of.

It’s a lie no longer convenient, a reality no longer becoming.


Find strength and courage in the wisdom of a battle well fought.

Let your victory conquer the bitterness of the price you paid.

The new you is worth much more than you ever thought.

Believe in her. And in the powers that came to your aid.


Glory in the peace and beauty of who you truly are.

Let the grace inside guide you to a clearing, a just respite.

Every day that goes by is a gift to share, a call to take part

in the unfolding of your dreams, in the rest of your life


Maryse G. Copans © 2010


10 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Hi Maryse! Wow – beyond awesome! What a treasure that is to share, bless you! Reading your poetry is such a delightful gift! I hope that you are pursing getting your poems published because the world needs them! I also hope this holiday season finds you well!
    Holiday hugs

  2. Maryse, your words sound so strong and hopeful…like you’ve found a certain peace and calmness in the midst of the turmoil you’ve endured. Certainly wisdom seems to be found in the aftermath of struggle, often unearthed in the looking backward; then strengthening us for the future. I’m so happy to see your words here today…Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Dear Maryse, what beautiful poetry you write. And I agree with one of the comments that said you should get your poetry published. it’s true, the world needs this kind of hope. I hope this xmas finds you feeling better. Think of you often. Love and blessings, Linda Strickland

  4. Ahhh YES!! I can feel the JOY in your words!! Wishing you sustained moments and feelings of joy and happiness as they dance with the realities of your life through healing. Not sure if that made any sense but I am thrilled to read this post from you!! Lots of Love my Friend!!

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