The Lure of the Wild Boar

Si tu réalises que la vie n’est pas là (if you realize that life is not there)  Que le matin tu te lèves (that in the morning you get up) Sans savoir où tu vas (without knowing where you’re going) Résiste (resist)  Prouve que tu existes (prove that you exist) Cherche ton bonheur partout, va, (look for your happiness all over, go) Refuse ce monde égoïste (say no to this selfish world) Résiste. Suis ton coeur qui insiste (Resist. Follow your heart, it insists) Ce monde n’est pas le tien, viens,(that this world is not yours, come)

… Danse pour tous ceux qui ont peur (dance for all those who are afraid)
Danse pour les milliers de cœurs (dance for the thousands of hearts)
Qui ont droit au bonheur (that deserve to be happy)
Résiste (Resist)

[from the song “Résiste” by Michel Berger (1947-1992)]

The Regiment of Ardennian Rifles (Régiment des Chasseurs Ardennais) is an infantry regiment in the Belgian Armed Forces. It was my Dad’s home for most of his military career. Its emblem –a wild boar’s head- hangs on my living room wall cast in a small tin plate. Its commanding motto is printed in my heart and brain: “Résiste et Mords” [‘Resist and Bite’]. My siblings and I grew up in the shadow of this untamed beast. We bit our tongues more than once and resist, we did. The temptation to be different. The lure of foreign battles. We became good army boars, dutiful and resilient, showing respect and obeying orders.

Resistance is not very popular these days. Resistance to mutating germs threatens to wipe off mankind. Resistance to insulin is spreading faster than sweet jam. “What we resist persists”, we’re told. From negative thoughts to illness. We’re to get in the flow. We’re to let go and let God if we have any hope of being showered with life’s material and spiritual riches. Surrender is the preferred choice. The path of least resistance promises to be the 21st century highway to Heaven. Forget about biting anyone. It’s just not done anymore.  Love is the answer. We strive to connect and hold hands with our fellow men.” And I’m all for it. Indeed I am. But I can’t help wondering about another kind of ‘resist’. The kind that moves us beyond the war zone and the casualties. The strength that propels us through life’s trials and losses. The deep need to venture past what we’ve been taught is acceptable or proper. The desire to shake the darkness until it explodes into a myriad of hopeful stars. Have you ever felt this surge of resistance?

When my father passed away my Mom assured me that she would do everything she could to survive without him (quite a feat after 56 years of marriage). She hugged me tight and declared: “I’m going to be ok. I resist but I don’t bite.” Her simple statement reminded me that the wild boar personifies warrior spirit, fortitude, and leadership. He’s strong and intrepid. He faces challenges with bravery, refusing to yield. My mother was not to win her fight against loneliness; she had no bite left in her. She capitulated to emptiness and depression. In her name I’m now choosing to bite into life with renewed enthusiasm and a ferocious appetite. In my father’s memory I accept the mission to stand for what is honorable and true. It is time I graduated from army to wild boar. Because when we resist the temptation to remain amongst life’s predictable or wounded, we persist. And when we step forward into the unknown and fight for our happiness, we prevail. Only then can we surrender to the power of love, to the simple beauty of being alive.

Dare to resist! Dare to find out who you are, to disobey, and to claim proudly the reason you’re alive. Choose to combat your inner demons and to become a warrior of light. Show courage and determination. You will make a difference in the world when you dance to your own tune and bring hope to those who are too afraid to do so.  Life needs you. Don’t give up or in. Accept the invitation of the wild boar: Resist and bite.

Maryse G. Copans © 2011


12 thoughts on “The Lure of the Wild Boar

  1. MFG

    Much grateful to you, Maryse, for sharing this ! Resist and bite, this is the way to follow.
    Thank you so much and a biiiig hug across the ocean 🙂

  2. Gladys

    “You will make a difference in the world when you dance to your own tune and bring hope to those who are too afraid to do so. Life needs you.”

    This is the very essence of the importance of each individual. Find who you are; and be that like crazy!

  3. In a moment of my evolution when I see again the light at the end of the tunnel your words meet my case perfectly. I can´t thank you enough for this post.

  4. This from The New Statesman :

    “The [Government] assures us that someone’s got to pick up the tab for the recklessness of millionaire financiers. So, naturally, they’re going to start with the disabled and the mentally ill.

    Disabled people, their friends, family members and allies, have much to fear – and much to fight.”

    Today is designated a Day of Action against the benefit cuts. “Resist and bite”, indeed. Thank you, Maryse. What a wonderful motto, even though you didn’t mean it in a political sense.

  5. Maryse, you tell the most wonderful stories. You’ve given me a new perspective on resistance and one that will stay fresh in my mind. Thank you for sharing your stories and wisdom!! Hugs!!

  6. Dearest Maryse! How beautifully put! Resist indeed! Well you know where I am coming from with that and I do feel I am being true to myself by trying to shed some light on what is going on with our foods, drugs, and apathy. In my cries to alert people to the ever-present dangers of our complacent consumption of poisons, there is a great love for all of mankind. It is wanting to see a world where my children can thrive, where my grandchildren are not sterile! Love of life and health is a great motivator and it has brought out my warrior for sure!

  7. Hi Maryse,
    Beautifully put. Take a bite out of life. I like that. makes me think of my Mom, when she had her first meal at her Home. Getting used to the oxygen bottle and the walker. But she wanted so bad to go to the curopodist and get her toenails trimmed after lunch, that she rushed me through my meal! And barreled, she did, through the kitchen, (and brushed next to a knob on the big stovetop which was not oxygen bottle friendly!) and got to be 2nd in line for this procedure! It was at that point I knew she was going to be ok. Taking a bite out of life she was, that day. And I was glad for it. Wishing you well as you take your bites out of life maryse. I know you will.

  8. Author/Speaker Paul Hawkin believes there is an energetic movement afoot in the world, a movement that, although yet unnamed, could be the largest social movement in all of human history.

    “What I see are ordinary and not so ordinary individuals willing to confront despair, power and incalculable odds in an attempt to restore some semblance of grace, justice and beauty to the world.”

    It is a movement that he believes is humanity’s response to the degradation of environment and social justice. It is, in the simplest of terms, a return to love – both for our environment and for each other.

    Sometimes the fight is worth the bite. Maryse, you’re quite a lady…thank you for this thought-provoking post. It has so many meanings.


  9. Yes! I agree with you, Maryse. (But don’t I always, you wise woman). Every Lover worth her salt has to have a Warrior to back her up. And vice versa. We are indeed complicated beings, but sometimes I think people feel so beat down by life these days that they have forgotten how to fight and bite.

    1. I had always thought that Wicca was a Goddess religion, but at a recent talk we discovered that the Goddess and the God live in perfect harmony. Both are needed! Yes, wise words indeed.

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