You are inspiration and flesh.

Capricious prelude to an adagio of desires

and a cacophony of needs.

You are the proud crescendo rising:

powerful solo and perfect arpeggios.

Virtuoso behind a mask.

You are the time sensitive fugue.

The wild tempo of happiness and fame,

the pop melody of the merry.

You are the broken chord, the endless drop.

The symphony of the wounded.

Disenchanted aria and shadowed brilliance,

an unsought yet necessary pause,

a breath that won’t be silenced.

The chant dawning away the ebony hours.

You are the leap of faith and resilience.

Childlike composer of the present.

Cautious maestro of tomorrow.

You are the suspended bridge to eternity.

An ode to death beyond loss and fear,

the pure evensong of the rose windows.

You are the immortal beloved.

A full harmonic orchestra. A Divine ensemble.

The glorious Alleluia of humanity.

Maryse G. Copans © 2011