Breakfast Hook

Nothing like a juicy epiphany in the morning! It’s tastier than a waffle with berries and more powerful than an energy smoothie.

“It’s not because I’m good at something that I have to like it or want to do it. And it’s not because I have no apparent talent for something else that I have to dislike it or not want to do it”. There. Liberating. Don’t you agree? Don’t we all have things we love to do and that we do not excel at (like painting for me) and others that we’re not that keen on and yet do reasonably or really well?

When a few years ago I was told that I had a talent for weaving pictures with threads of clever vocabulary, I took the hint and explored the gift. Several writing classes and blog posts later I came to the forlorn conclusion that I did not love my new talent. But I kept at it, so used was I to pushing through resistance and doubt. Surely, if I had a way with words it was meant to be perfected and shared. But as practicing and publishing continued to drain my joy, I decided to put a stop to my writing ambitions. No need to tell you that any relief I felt was plagued with guilt and a sense of failure.

Today’s breakfast treat has changed all that. I don’t get any pleasure from broadcasting my thoughts on the Internet? Fine. Putting random dabs of color on a piece of paper is thrilling? Why not? It’s ok for me not to like what I have a knack for and it’s cool to enjoy what I’m not great at.  The human journey is not just about sharing gifts and talents but about the joy we glean and spread while doing what we choose to do. Don’t underestimate the impact of what is performed with love and pleasure. And don’t question your right to turn your back on what does not bring you joy. Even if you’re very, very good at it.

This post may not be my finest but it was fun to ponder and create. That’s no small deed for a writer at heart who does not love to write. I invite you to partake in this healthy dose of breakfast wisdom so that your lives may be infused with the wonder of doing what you  enjoy and may inspire others to do the same.

Maryse Godet Copans © 2012