A Tale of Three Fingers

The prompt asked that we write a very short story from 3 different perspectives. Fun, fun, fun,




Hey you! Yes, you, Life! What the heck do you think you’ re doing? Trying to slow me down? Thinking you can win this? Watch me. Watch me fight you all the way, climbing a little higher every day. You may go after me and block my way but I’ll keep moving ahead in the direction I choose. F– off already! – Signed, The Middle Finger

Life, when will you leave me alone to enjoy myself? Every time I start relaxing another crisis shows its ugly head. Aren’t you tired of giving me such a hard time? Why do so many have it much easier than I do? Why are you picking on me? Why me? Am I not kind dutiful? I am a good person to whom bad things happen and I blame you entirely. Poor me. Bad you. – Signed, The Index Finger

Good morning, Life. Whatever you decide to bring on today, I’m ready. Ready to dance or rest. Prepared to work or play. Willing to try or simply savor. I am you and you are me, flowing together in this one great adventure. I don’t seek to understand it. I don’t strive to best it. What will be will be. My heart is open and my spirit free. Take me where I’ m needed. Show me what’s wanted. Thank you! – Signed, The Thumb Up