Yuletide In-Quest

Part 5 – Pamplona to Puente la Reina

This section of the Camino involves climbing up Alto del Perdón (the Hill of Forgiveness) sometimes in strong windy conditions. It is said that it’s the rocky and bumpy descent, though, that absolves pilgrims of all their sins as it is hard and calls for extreme caution and strong knees. Since 1996, a steel sculpture by Vincent Galbete has immortalized pilgrims on their way to Compostela. From there on the walk is fairly gentle to Puente la Reina.


What if we don’t need to be forgiven? What if the climbs up and down, whether hard or easy, are there so we can experience the mountain? What if we are not sinners granted redemption through trials and suffering? What if our sole purpose in life is to live it moment by moment, with joy, fear, death and birth, and everything in between?

What if we don’t need new light shining on our path of loss and hardship? What if the light that we are can never be extinguished?  What if it’s not about finding hope when we’ve lost our way? What if we cannot ever lose our way?

What if we don’t need to be shown how much God loves us? What if it’s a given in each breath, each heartbeat, whether we’re aware of it or not?

What if there’s no hill to climb? What if there’s nothing to believe in? What if we’re simply meant to dance the uncertain dance of life with a Presence as elusive as it is steady?

What if the meaning of Christmas does not lie in words or the stories we tell? What if this child, born in a barn, has more to say than what can be written or taught, more to share than peace, myrrh, or gold?

What if this child is no prince at all? What if he is the divine yet perfectly human part of us, waiting to be uncovered?

And what if all we’ll ever need is to be reminded that we are both the covering and the unveiling?

What if this is why Jesus was born?


May the spirit of Christmas be with you all.

May you remember that you are always, always whole.


PS #6: Some questions don’t need answers.


“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” – Richard Feynman

IMG_1015 (1)

Maryse Godet Copans © 2017


6 thoughts on “Yuletide In-Quest

  1. Good questions all of them! And I firmly believe that we are love, always, even if we can’t feel it. I also believe God is loving us always, even if we can’t feel that either. And my greatest moments are when I let God into my life and pray and commune with Him. The most miraculous moments, and wisdom come to me, each time I pray. And just to play devil’s advocate, why should someone with good knees get absolution! just because they can walk down the forgiveness hill???? hehe. I know I know, it’s just a journey. But still…

    1. I agree with you, Linda. And you are funny! Indeed, forgiveness is not only for those with strong knees, excellent point. We are already forgiven anyway. All of us. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Wishing you a magical 2018!

  2. It’s interesting – all the questions and it’s comforting – don’t need the answers! Life and living it kindly is one answer to them all.

    And I like this thing about “good knees!” I was thinking how those needing forgiveness also have gotten on their knees for it. Or they have to climb a hill!?

    1. No one has to do anything, at least that’s my humble opinion. My knees are sensitive and I’d rather pampar them knowing I’m loved no matter what. Happy New Year!

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