Shift Has Happened

Part 10: Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Most of the walking is through farmland well away from any roads. The cathedral of the town is magnificent and where Dominic de la Calzada, shepherd turned hermit turned builder of bridge, hospital, and hostel, is buried.


Who would have thought it would be possible for me, at the tender age of 56, to grow from hermit to builder?

On Saturday night I shall arrive in Prague to attend the last week of Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy. My previous blog post dates back to the beginning of this program last October and spoke of my intention to become a facilitator of silence. As I prepare for graduation as a transformative coach, how would I articulate what’s changed?

Most of you are familiar with my long struggle with anxiety and with the aftermath of a mild traumatic brain injury. I spent years “hermitting” as much as possible doing my best to heal myself while still tending to my family’s needs. Supercoach Academy has indeed facilitated  my journey into more silence and listening (huge thank you to Michael, all mentor coaches, and my fellow students), but the biggest surprise for this humble writer has been the inner and outer shift from wounded spectator to whole and vibrant builder.

I no longer let fear stop me or push through it at great cost health-wise. Instead I let life live me, fear and all. I’ve pulled a Pinocchio so to speak!  I’ve woken up and seen that strings and wooden limbs were an illusion, never there in the first place. I thought myself into a limited puppet when I’ve been a full and capable spirithuman being all along. I choke up even as I type these words. What a gift!

As I move forward as a coach may I let myself be divinely guided as I point people towards their own realization of their true potential. We are never the victims of our circumstances. We are not limited by others. We are the victims of our own constricted and busy thinking. It’s that simple. And when we wake up to the infinite and intelligent field beyond our thoughts, we get to feel our own brilliance, our natural resilience and wellbeing. Then we get to see them take shape in the world. This is true for everyone, regardless of what we may think is possible right now or what we have experienced in the past. There is such hope in this.

To Prague and beyond, my friends. Ever onwards!


“It’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.” Barack Obama


Passport’s Stamp #11: Anything is possible, at any age.

Maryse Godet Copans © 2019


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