Why BluAmaryllis?

I keep a dream log. If you ever have any doubt about the infinite possibilities inherent to this universe, start keeping a dream log. It will be full of mysteries, packed with unanswered questions, oozing with cryptic suggestions: the puppy is called ‘Medal”, the house has no windows, your mother-in-law decides to die on a bridge in your father’s arms. It’s all there: suspense, love, betrayal, exotic places, good food, and some sex too from time to time!

I’m particularly fond of my dream baby. This is the script: I’m in a delivery room breathing deeply and pushing. A little girl is born. She is very, very blue, with pointy ears. I recover instantly and set off to find the father (?!). When I return, Amaryllis, her name in the dream, is already jumping up and down. She’s extremely strong, powerful, and fast. I ask a woman in the room if she knows where my baby comes from. She replies that she comes from the land of fairies, a magical place.  

Amaryllis is my artistic child, daughter of my heart. She enjoys boundless energy and comes bearing a miraculous gift: writing. The dance of words, the flow of creativity, the deep joy of self expression. All in a dream come true.

5 thoughts on “Amaryllis

  1. What a inspiration you are, Maryse! I will look forward to your new posts…thanks for sharing your wondrous, luminescent thoughts!

  2. You are amazing! You have given birth to a new baby of the most beautful color who will only become more magical with age. So happy to connect with your words from within your soul and heart!
    Carry on oh writer of dreams and daily life in its wonderous moments.

  3. Maryse,

    Thanks for stopping by Monarch Musings. We are connected by the amaryllis!! They are so dreamy and beautiful, I feel honored when they open their soul to me and let me capture their beauty on film. They truly are “dreamy” 🙂

    Your writing is lovely, your messages dear. I will be back.


  4. I have recently started dreaming more vividly and I remember more dreams when I wake up. I decided this was healing me, and it did also lead to some day-time healing experiences too.

    I love the name Amaryllis and this is so serendipitous. I wrote a fairy story about six years ago where my fairy character had the name Amaryllis. I love how your Amaryllis is so strong and energetic and magical. It’s wonderful that you named your blog after her.

    ~ Milli

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