Through the storm


like tears that refuse to melt

like white silence that  screams will not break

all is well they say

there’s air to be breathed and food to be eaten

don’t they know the wood in the hearth tells us our souls are burning?

Don’t keep searching in dark corners when the message awaits in full light.

LIVE. Now.

Winter’s here but it shall pass and

 never return as it once was 

Maryse Godet Copans © 2014

Will you…?

It’s honest like

a hungry man’s plea,

or volatile


a flame’s

feathery burn


It’s the gentle touch on a

child’s cheek

or the violence of

a deceived





will you make

our lips surrender

our bodies yield

our spirits merge?

 I wonder


Your glory, reflected

in the passion of stormy eyes


in the caress of the breath


through mortal shadows




Your imprint, edged

in the smile of clouds


in the whisper of moonshine

infinite temptation

to rest

to resurrect.

I stare




will you bring us to our knees

in prayer

and grief

will you steer our voyage

with faith

our pain with



will you leave a trail

of kisses

part the waves of


bless our altar to

human frailty


divine creation?

I bow 


A tremor colors the dryness,

a voice cuts through the gale:


“This one belongs to the journey,

should she choose to believe.”


A bell chimes in Heaven,

a shadow calls her name.

If death is not a beginning,

why do we reach for the sky?


A wave crosses the desert,

a shiver moves the plains:


“This one will taste the harvest,

she will carve the bark of faith.

A message’s dawned on her sorrow,

her task throughout the land:


 “This one is marked for greatness,

should she choose to believe.”

Maryse G. Copans © 2011

Photograph taken in Eygalières, France (courtesy of Francine Godet © 2011)




I wish you a healing voyage through the rainbow.

The thousand colors of hope.

A myriad of blessings.


I wish you a quiet awakening to the many splendors

that your heart beholds.

The true gift of your soul.


May you abandon worry’s cowardly disguise,

and remember the many faces

of your deepest longings.


May you grasp the sureness of the moment,

and taste the divine freedom

of living without fear.


Let your spirit soar high above life’s limitations.

You are your own inspiration,

your own guide.


Let love’s light wash away the old patterns.

Stand, peaceful, in God’s presence,

and meet the promise of each day.


Maryse G. Copans © 2011



You are inspiration and flesh.

Capricious prelude to an adagio of desires

and a cacophony of needs.

You are the proud crescendo rising:

powerful solo and perfect arpeggios.

Virtuoso behind a mask.

You are the time sensitive fugue.

The wild tempo of happiness and fame,

the pop melody of the merry.

You are the broken chord, the endless drop.

The symphony of the wounded.

Disenchanted aria and shadowed brilliance,

an unsought yet necessary pause,

a breath that won’t be silenced.

The chant dawning away the ebony hours.

You are the leap of faith and resilience.

Childlike composer of the present.

Cautious maestro of tomorrow.

You are the suspended bridge to eternity.

An ode to death beyond loss and fear,

the pure evensong of the rose windows.

You are the immortal beloved.

A full harmonic orchestra. A Divine ensemble.

The glorious Alleluia of humanity.

Maryse G. Copans © 2011

Moving on

Embrace a vision of the future that allows you to be who you truly are.

Let today’s heaviness and pain rock you into acceptance.

Life whispers, “You’re a beautiful child, dear to my heart.

Seek to trust this mysterious and eternally shifting dance.”


Find comfort in the caring embrace of the ones you love.

Let the silence bring forth your deepest fears, your buried longings.

From the stillness will grow the blessings you feel undeserving of.

It’s a lie no longer convenient, a reality no longer becoming.


Find strength and courage in the wisdom of a battle well fought.

Let your victory conquer the bitterness of the price you paid.

The new you is worth much more than you ever thought.

Believe in her. And in the powers that came to your aid.


Glory in the peace and beauty of who you truly are.

Let the grace inside guide you to a clearing, a just respite.

Every day that goes by is a gift to share, a call to take part

in the unfolding of your dreams, in the rest of your life


Maryse G. Copans © 2010